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Our Mission

Since ancient times, the territory of today’s Romania has been a borderland of European civilization, strongly influencing its culture and its people who are an exotic mix of Oriental, Slavic and Occidental. Staying in a small Romanian town, we will get to know the locals and their culture, while tackling the rugged wilderness and the region’s impressive mountain ranges, climbing over 2,400m above sea level. And of course you cannot leave Transylvania without the obligatory visit to the castle of Romania’s most famous son, Count Dracula.


We’ll start the day by heading off into the outstandingly beautiful Bran-Rucar Corridor, nestled in the hilly region between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Massifs. The route takes in some of Romania’s richest pastoral areas, dotted with shepherds’ huts and impressive forests. The uninterrupted views of the most spectacular massifs in the Southern Carpathians should spur us on.


After breakfast, we will visit Romania’s famous landmark, Bran Castle. Originally built in the 14th century, Bran Castle (more famously known as Dracula’s Castle) was renovated in the 19th century by the Romanian royal family. We’ll get the chance to look around and explore the castle during daylight hours (while Dracula sleeps!) bfeore heading off to start our day’s trek. From the castle, we will leave by foot to head directly up to Mugura alpine village. The trek then winds its way through a beech forest, before reaching an open ridge and then descending down to our campsite.

There will also be time to learn about the fascinating project that the Romanian government conservationists have undertaken to protect the welfare of their wonderful native wildlife; including wolves, bears and the mystical lynx.


We expect to be challenged as we embark on our journey towards the western wall of the Bucegi massif. The challenging route begins in picturesque Gutanu, as we climb a steep ride at more than 2,000m above sea level. It’s onwards and upwards to the day’s highest peak – Varful Batrana (2,189m) – where you will take in the panoramic views and high elevation. After lunch, we’ll descend from Strunga Saddle to the village of Moieciu de Sus before heading back to our campsite.


Setting off from the foot of King’s Rock Mountain in Piatra Craiului National Park for the final day, the route goes through deep and shaded gorges, than climbs through beautiful natural forests heading to the alpine meadows where shepherds spend the summer with their flocks. A wonderful view point marks the start of our descent towards the hay meadows of Sirnea village. From here on, we’ll explore country lanes and secret footpaths on our way to the platform of Fundata (the highest town in the country), where we arrive at our accommodation.

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